Five clever tricks to keep home extension costs down

Sometimes we need the extra space that home extensions afford at all costs but maybe without the budget to achieve those home improvements. If space is the primary need and you can do without any luxuries, creating home extensions on a tight budget is possible. Here are five clever ways in which you can mitigate the total cost.

Build within permitted development rights

Working with a reputable, experienced building firm like Acute Homes can help you build home extensions within your permitted development rights. Although you may have to keep things simple, it will save money on planning fees.

Impeccable timing

When we project manage home extensions, we schedule deliveries to ensure all the materials our team arrives in plenty of time to get on with the job. It may sound simple and obvious, but careful management and timing guarantee that the building site is continuously productive.

Reuse and recycle

Consider reusing old floorboards or radiators if your operating budget is incredibly tight. If they only require a good clean, it’s a great way to save a little money. Buying reclaimed or second-hand materials can also help spread the cost and stretch your budget further.

Try and keep fittings and toilets in the same place

If you need to include a new toilet or bath when renovating your home, try to keep them in a similar location so you can utilise the existing pipe work or soil stack.

Consider an alternative

If your funds don’t extend to allow a home extension, consider a more affordable alternative like a loft conversion or garage conversion. At Acute Homes, we have a wealth of experience in expertly renovating people’s homes, so contact us today to help build you a better lifestyle.