As a building partner that seeks to create better lifestyles for our clients by improving their homes, a house renovation provides the thrill and considerably fulfilling challenge that our skilled team crave. From dilapidated buildings to listed properties in need of full restoration to run-down family homes, we have the ability and experience to tackle all renovations in Oxford and Abingdon.

Comprehensive renovations services in Oxford and Abingdon

At Acute Homes, we provide restorative work for all common areas including bathrooms, kitchens, and all aspects of roofing, plumbing and brickwork. In addition to these areas, we also offer expert renovations for wooden surfaces such as windows and doors using a specialist resin. Our carpenters can even extend their skills to working on highly ornate and detailed wooden gates.

Dedicated sourcing of appropriate materials

Whenever we commit to renovations, we always ensure that we liaise with all the relevant parties to guarantee that the finished work will be as close to the original as possible. We will meet with architects, architectural historians, researchers and preservationists amongst others to enable us to be historically accurate. Once we confirm the materials required for renovations, we will source the appropriate reproduction items, so the historical provenance of the building is protected.

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Builders you can depend on

All of our team are thoroughly trained and possess all relevant building trade certificates. Having a group of qualified individuals allows us to uphold a consistently high standard of work, so much so that our guarantee is you won’t have to make your final payment until you are content with our work.