Home Extensions in Abingdon and Oxford by Acute Homes

Whether it’s for a growing family, working from home or purely for recreation, extra space is something we can nearly all use in our homes. And when moving isn’t the most practical option a house extension can provide an excellent alternative. At Acute Homes, we have been assisting homeowners in Oxford and Abingdon with house extensions much to their satisfaction.

Comprehensive house extensions in Oxford and Abingdon

If you are looking to achieve a small side extension, a large two-storey extension or something in between, Acute Homes has the expertise to help. We have a dedicated and highly skilled team from plumbers to decorators that is fully qualified to provide the very best house extension builds.

Full project management

Irrespective of the scope of your extension plans, we have the team and skills to transform them into concrete reality. We can employ an architect or designer to draw up the designs if you haven’t already done so, and assign a project manager to oversee the whole build. They will be your sole point of contact who will notify you of the progress of the build and ensuring its completion on time and budget.

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Full compliance

Whenever we win a commission for any house extension project, we always liaise with the local building authority to ensure compliance so the inspectors can sign off the build without any hassle. We also provide a six-month guarantee against any defects incurred by faulty work or materials, or due to settlement. Only when you are delighted with your new house extension will the final payment be due.

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