The importance of a project manager in leading new builds

If you find yourself in the advantageous position to fund the design and construction of a new home in Oxford or Abingdon, you will need the expertise that a project manager brings.

What does a project manager do?

At the start of any new build scheme, Acute Homes will assign a dedicated project manager. New builds in Oxford and Abingdon are more complex and time-consuming than other construction projects. The project manager will consult with the clients frequently and act as the link between the design department and construction team to deliver a project that finishes on time, within budget, and achieves the highest quality standards. They will ensure all health and safety protocols are strictly followed on the construction site. Significantly, they will interface between the client and any local authorities dealing with any building regulation issues that may arise.

The benefits of using a project manager

One of the main plusses of using a project manager for new builds in Oxford and Abingdon is having a single point of contact. It helps to ensure consistency and quality in the construction of the property and the service provided. Comprehensive end-to-end management offers reassurance to the client and allows us to demonstrate our reliability, trustworthiness, experience, and expertise in constructing bespoke new build properties.

If you are looking for a professional building firm to manage either a domestic or commercial new build project, contact us for more information to begin the journey of creating your dream home.