Don’t move, improve, but act now!

If space is at an absolute premium in your house and you need a new bedroom, additional bathroom or extra storage space faster than light can travel, you may want to consider a loft conversion. Home extensions are a fantastic way to create extra living space in your property, but there is currently a long delay getting the work approved.

What has caused the delay?

Due to the backlog created by the lockdowns in Britain in 2020 and 2021, the average home extension now takes approximately nine months to complete instead of six months in 2019. The pressure with mounting planning permission applications has played an integral part in this delay and some shortages within the supply chain.

But you need extra space now!

While extensions may take longer, loft conversions are ideal for getting around the delay and delivering the extra space you crave. There are four main types of loft conversions, but only three generally fall with permitted development rights: roof light, dormer, and hip-to-gable. Which one you choose will primarily depend on the type of roof your property has, but the property’s age and budget will also be determining factors. Since many loft conversions are considered permitted development, it can drastically cut the construction time.

We can help

If you’re unsure which type of loft conversion would best suit your roof style and budget, then contact our team at Acute Homes. We can assess the property and your needs and advise the best course. We have a highly skilled team with abundant experience constructing and managing loft conversions.