Why small companies are best for new builds

Deciding to purchase a new build home is a significant milestone in anyone’s life and represents probably the largest investment most people will make. Once you’ve taken that meaningful first step, the next crucial decision is to employ a national builder, or pluck for a smaller building firm. Below we’ll outline why it’s best to opt for the small guys.

Personal touch

When using a small company such as Acute Homes, you will typically have one or two contact points that intimately know your new build project. When employing large building firms for new builds, buyers tend to be directed across different departments, leading to a confusing and unsatisfying experience. Acute Homes will ensure that you receive that personal touch required when investing in a custom-built home.

Custom home

You will have to choose new builds with few customisation options from their collection with large building firms. If you opt for a small building company, you get to design the house that will be best for you and your family with the assistance of highly experienced and skilled builders.

Attention to detail

On large-scale building projects, builders are often under pressure to work at speed, so they earn a fair wage and meet the demands of the house builder. Smaller builders quote a reasonable price so that the buyer gets value for money, and the builders earn a respectable wage and take the required care and attention that each custom new build deserves.


Small new builds are less susceptible to delays common with sizeable new build projects. At Acute Homes, we schedule our jobs to ensure they are completed on time, within budget and to the highest standards to guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact us today if you want to turn your ideas of a dream home into a reality.