Create your dream property with Acute Homes

At Acute Homes, we relish having the opportunity to work with clients on new build projects. With the right amount of land and an imaginative mind, we can help you design and construct the property of your dreams to cater to all your needs and desires.

Don’t get dragged into the race to the bottom

With large-scale new build projects, and especially in the current economic climate, national developers can start chasing profits rather than guaranteeing quality new build homes and become embroiled in a race to the bottom. For homeowners looking for new properties, this scenario is less than ideal and can lead to overpaying for sub-standard housing. Thankfully, with custom new build projects, Acute Homes ensure every penny spent delivers value for money.

The advantages of a custom made home

Designing your own home with the assistance of knowledgeable professionals is the ultimate way to incorporate all of the features, materials and shapes that will show off your personality and create a home full of character. With bespoke properties, you can use the landscape to your advantage, create rooms that are spacious with any size floor plan to accommodate your needs. You can maximise your home’s functionality and practicality while fitting it with the latest technological devices for added convenience and comfort.

Steer clear of the box bashers

If you seek a new build home but crave the room to express yourself that large-scale property developments deny you, then contact us at Acute Homes. With our thorough consultation period and designated project manager, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction after every project.