The three main benefits of a loft conversion

There are typically three options available to you if you have begun to outgrow your existing home in Oxford. You can move, which is time-consuming, expensive and stressful, you can plump for a house extension that can increase space but delivers long-term disruption, or you can opt for a loft conversion. At Acute Homes, we have provided many loft conversions to clients in Oxford, and below, we will set out the main reasons for their popularity.

Loft conversions enable you to stay put

Not every property is endowed with enough land to make a house extension viable. Still, a loft conversion is a practical means of increasing space in most houses, allowing you to stay in your community and preventing the need to uproot your family. Unlike a house extension, loft conversions> won’t change your property’s look or style and will negate the stress of moving. They can even improve the value of your house over time.

Loft conversions provide value for money

There are two main reasons why loft conversions are the most cost-effective method of increasing your house’s living space. There are fewer materials and labour involved with a loft conversion than extending, and the majority of conversions come under permitted development rights. So long as you don’t increase the loft dimensions, you discharge the need for planning permission to save substantial amounts of money.

A loft conversion can be many things

In general, most people convert their loft spaces to provide an extra bedroom, but there are many ways you could use the extra space. It could become a games room, a study or even a home office which is particularly relevant in the current environment. You might find yourself restricted by the style of your loft, but even a simple Velux conversion can provide a valuable space for any type of use.