Plans for a ‘disastrous’ new town in Oxford resurrected

This week a property company again proposed the construction of a new town in southeast Oxfordshire, just off junction seven of the M40 just short of 20 miles from Abingdon. The town, dubbed ‘Harrington’, would deliver a new home development scheme of 6,500 new builds that would rival the size and scope of nearby Thame. The developers have invited local people to a design-oriented consultation in November.

Why does the opposition exist?

Back in the summer of 2020, when Harrington was first proposed, the MP for Henley and local councillors expressed opposition on the grounds that the new town was not welcome as it would affect the landscape significantly and would be out of keeping with the existing places in South Oxfordshire. The resistance then was fierce despite the suggested development site not being on designated green belt land or within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The local district council were also preparing to enact their Local Plan, which included the new home development of nearly thirty thousand homes in the area.

A need for new homes

There’s an evident demand for new homes in South Oxford, Abingdon and across the rest of the UK, and the property developer behind Harrington is seeking to provide a sustainable scheme where the local people can influence the design of the new town to cater for today and future generations. Whether this becomes a reality remains to be seen. If you’re a property developer needing an expert new builds construction company, contact us online or call our team.