Five traits to look for in good house builders

When looking for house builders, it can be overwhelming. So many of them have what seems to be the relevant experience, professionalism and portfolio to convince you they’re the builders to construct your new home, but what traits should you be seeking?

Enthusiasm during the consultancy phase

If you’re working alongside an architect, finding a builder who is willing and enthusiastic about assisting during the design phase is an excellent sign they are the builder for you. A builder with experience can help resolve practical and design issues at this stage.

Open and prompt communication

During any stage of a construction project, and especially at the beginning, transparent communication is essential. If your chosen builder becomes uncommunicative or vague in their responses in the early stages of employment, it won’t be too late to cut your losses and see this as a bad omen.


When doing your homework on builders, it’s wise to look for companies that have been trading for a long time. It’s usually a good sign that they are providing customer satisfaction while knowledgeable and experienced.


Checking the reputation of any building company is paramount. There is a wealth of websites that allow customers to rate companies based on their experiences, and you should take note of these. During the initial contact, you can also ask if they use any sub-contractors to get a feel for the standing within the construction industry.


During any consultation with a builder, they should seem interested in the project and keen to impress. One way you can assess their eagerness is by the amount and level of questions they ask. The more, the better as it displays a willingness to provide excellent customer service. If you are looking for a professional, experienced and reputable builder in Oxford, contact the Acute Homes team.